So it is the first Monday of 2016 and my first post in approximately two months. No it is not because I am a slacker. It seems to be because I am a written pessimist in an optimists life. What does that mean I am sure you wonder?

Well, looking back on my posts over the last two years there is a pattern, my writing seems to only flower under negative circumstances, because who wants to hear about how madly happy I am, right?

But, this does not a productive blogger make when one is currently so happy as such a constant, hence why my blog has sat vacant, and lonely for months, a predicament I am here to change.

Recently I was told I am becoming aggressive and controlling, that my life is full of self made stressors and constant complaint, and while on the inside I feel happy and content, I have realised that the image I throw out to the world is a different reflection.

Therefore I herald in 2016 as my first year in a while where I will have a New Years resolution. Obviously one always has goals they wish to acheive over the year to come, however this is my one true resolution –

I, Aroha Liebhart vow to express myself in the positive manner in which I truly feel. I will seek out a life of positivity and true happiness. I will write about all I encounter be it either good or bad, and I will strive to lead a more stress free, laid back life.

For it appears I have professed how positive I am, I have preached that I have relinquished the reigns of control, however the self I have portrayed to others is not the true reflection of my ramblings. It is not okay to only write on topics of sadness and distress, it is not adequate to feed my written fire with naught but the sadness of my past. It is important to share both my trials and my accomplishments, and 2016 is the year to do that.

I walk into this year armed with career progressing internships, University studies approaching completion, an adoring and supportive partner by my side and so many other positives, and it is about time I start sharing these musings with the world as well.

Here’s to 2016!


One thought on “Positivity

  1. I adore your posts lovely and do not see you as someone negative, you have proved to me consistently how you cope under pressure, how you adapt when things don’t go your way, how you don’t rest on your laurels and how you have a huge zest for life and everyone in it. It’s been lovely watching you these last years, I’m so proud to call you a friend. It’s true we write more when we’re in a reflective mood, it’s how we figure things out. It’s also a small gang for people in similar boats to know they’re not the only ones feeling a certain way. So never lose or stop expressing your voice.
    However, more positivity anywhere and from anyone is always a good thing so that’s okay!! xx

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