Diving in the deep end ~ summing up the opening Act of 2016

2016; this year has turned into a strong year with huge changes that have come out of left field but I am meeting with joy head on. This year so far has come with so many changes that my life is no longer recognisable from what has come before.

In 2015 I took on a show on 4ZZZ where I hosted the Saturday news show alongside a friend of mine from UQ. I had an internship with the Army Museum South Queensland, worked part time at a printing shop on campus, and towards the end of the year I began volunteering at 4BC radio. Personally; I went through a break up before meeting my current partner who I happily settled into a new relationship with quickly.

However, in 2016, I felt it was time to really tackle things head first. My job at the printing shop is a semester job and I hadn’t had an income for two months. I had been looking for new work but had been picky and would only apply for day work that I felt wouldn’t interrupt the life I had created. However, with a negative bank balance I realised I just needed to take whatever came my way. That day I landed my job bartending at the Caxton Hotel. I walked in, handed them my resume, and within three days (after my trial) I had been hired.

Professionally I felt that my time at 4ZZZ, although enjoyable had come to a close. I felt that in order to move forward in my journalistic career I needed to untie myself from the community station that had exposed me to radio work for the first time. The day I quit my position at 4ZZZ I was told there would possibly be an upcoming paid position for me on a casual basis at 4BC. One week later I went on the payroll as a casual journalist!

This position meant that I would need to leave the security of my print job, however I realised that the risk was needed if I wanted to back myself into the career of my dreams, and with a secure housing arrangement I knew it was a risk I was willing to take. Then BAM! Within two days, those ‘secure’ housing arrangements turned to tatters in my hands. Unfortunately, where I had been living was no longer a viable option as the owner sold the home and I was left with no address. Relationship to the rescue! I began the process of moving on in with my boyfriend. An option that to many may seem full on, but to us seemed natural.

Two days after the decision was made I find myself home alone while he is on course, wading through piles of paperwork while we break through the red tape that will get it all sorted out, both with Centrelink, and with his work.

Although it all seems ever so chaotic, it is also so very exciting, I am in a career trajectory that seems to be pointing me towards my dreams, the risks are high, but the rewards seem worth it. I am moving in with the person I care about more than anything else, and while the paperwork seems never ending, it is all worth while. If this is what January alone has changed, I am excited to see everything else coming my way over the next eleven months!

The point of all this? Take the risks, make the hard decisions, it will all work out in the end. It may be scary, it may be hard work, but come on, dive in the deep end, its fun getting wet! ;p





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